From: Jan Smits <>
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001

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Dear Alexei,

Thank you for the comment on the Belomorkanal-package. I hope you don't mind I attached it as a omment to the description If you do hen tell me and I'll anonymize the comment.

Could you tell me whether the attached scan of a (duplicate) of a medal is a Russian/USSR medal and hat it signifies. I do not know whether it is real or not. Is very light and seems to be made of tin or nother light substance. It is not ferrous as it doe not attach to a magnet. It shows only Eurasia and Africa. Is it by accident that it doesn't show the America's and Australia or is here a deeper significance to the not depicting of these continents. I bought the medal in a jumble-shop nd the previous owner could not remember how he came by it.

With kind regards,


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