From: Ruth Watson <ruth.watson @>
Date: Tue, 31 October 2003
Subject: [MapHist] salt map of the world

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Dear Maphisters:

Since there'd been a few messages, I thought I'd ask if an image be posted on the maphist illustrations page. The work is titled "L'Origine du Monde".

The work is indeed made from salt, but mostly 'coarse refined' in grade, rather than rock salt. The map projection used is one devised by Waldo Tobler, that appears to have an 'absent' heart in it. This is the first time I've used this projection (with Dr. Tobler's permission, she hastens to add), as I've often used the sixteenth century cordiform projection- albeit with south at the top.

Yes, I made a globe from animal tissues back in 1997. That work was called 'The Real World', something us artists are often being told about.

In the shot on the illustrations page, you can see work by other artists and I feel it necessary to mention them; the bark paintings are by Wanyubi Marika, and the text 'banners' are by Vernon Ah Kee. We all live in Australia.

Ruth Watson

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