From: Peter van der Krogt <peter @>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004
Subject: [MapHist] Blaeu's map of Persia

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Dear all,

In 1634 Willem Blaeu included a map of Persia in his atlas, titled PERSIA Sive SOPHORVM REGNVM.
The plate of this map is used for over thirty years and was still used by Joan Blaeu in the Atlas maior editions of the 1660s. The copperplate has several states because of the alteration of the dedication. I am preparing a short article on the persons to whom the map was dedicated.
There are three different dedications:

1. A dedication to Diederick Tholincx - "D. THEODORO THOLING" - by Willem Blaeu. Coat of arms with three crosses. (Up to ca. 1645).
2. Dedication erased. The dedication cartouche shows two empty spaces, one where the text of the dedication was and one at the place of the coat-of-arms. (from 1645 to 1662)
3. Dedicated to Simon van Hoorn - "D. SIMONI VAN HOORN" - by Joan Blaeu. Coat of arms with among others two birds. (in the Atlas maior of 1662 and the Grand Atlas of 1663)

State 1

State 2

Does this state exist?

State 3

In Koeman's Atlantes Neerlandici (volume II, p. 592, map no. 8200:2.3) a state 3a is mentioned with the dedication to Van Hoorn, but still with a blank field for the coat of arms. Since I know the compiler of this new edition of the Atlantes Neerlandici :-) I know he cannot find in his notes in which collection he found this variant ("proof") state.

My question to all map curators, collectors and dealers is: please check your Atlas Maior (Latin volume 10, the 7th map; or 11th volume of the French edition, also the 7th map) or your separate maps and see if you have the map in this variant state: thus
- dedicated to Simon van Hoorn
- field for coat of arms blank.

Please let me know if you have such a map.

Thanks in advance


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