From: Catharine Dann Roeber <ccdann(at)>
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007
Subject: [MapHist] Royal Prussian Academy mark on PA Map

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Hello MapHist folks,

I am a PhD student at William and Mary and work at Winterthur Museum, which houses a collection of decorative arts made and used in American between 1640-1860.
I am currently researching a copy of Thomas Holme's "Mapp of the Improved Parts of the Province of Pennsylvania in America" that is housed in the Winterthur collection for my dissertation. Based on previous research by Walter Klienfelter and others this map is thought to be a c.1701-05 printing of the original 1687 map. The only known copy of the original (as far as I know) is housed at the British Library.
My question regarding Winterthur's copy refers to six "marks" that are affixed (not printed directly on) to each of the six sheets that form the map. On each sheet is a small, rectangular, printed tag with a crown above a crossed sword and staff and a double-banner reading " Kon: Preuss Academie der Wissenschafte/ Stempel zu grossen Land Charten.", all flanked by cornucopias. (I could not attach the image as it made my message too large, but I can send one if you provide an email). I am assuming the wording on the banner suggests that the marks are associated with the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences. I am less clear about the exact meaning of the second line other than it refers to Map printing.
No published references to Winterthur's copy make any acknowledgment of these marks, and I have not yet been able locate any printed references depicting similar marks (I looked at LUGT, collectors marks, but this seems to be focused on the marks of individuals and institutions collecting fine arts prints, not maps).
As for provenance I know the map was collected by Henry Francis duPont for Winterthur in 1930 from A.S.W. Rosenbach in Philadelphia. I also know Rosenbach purchased the map from Karl Hiersemann in 1928. Hiersemann's shop was in Leipzig, but the map was purchased during a transaction Berlin.

My questions include the following:
1-Is anyone familiar with this mark on other maps or printed objects?
2-If so, is it associated with the Royal Academy, and when did the institution use these marks?
3-Can anyone suggest sources to help me figure out when this map was acquired by the Royal Academy and when/why it was removed from their collections?
4-Are there additional sources about map use/collecting/in Germany during the late 17th/18th c., especially those written in English, you can suggest?

I have contacted individuals at the Library of Congress and the Philadelphia Print shop who have responded that they are not familiar with the marks. I contacted the Royal Academy of Sciences in Germany as well, but have not heard back. If anyone knows of a history of the Royal Prussian Academy or a current contact there, I would be grateful for the references. And any other leads to useful people, books, or other references you think might be useful would be appreciated. Please feel free to contact me at with any further questions.

Thank you for your time,
Catharine Dann Roeber
Winterthur Museum-Lunger Cataloging Assistant
College of William and Mary-PhD candidate, History

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