From: "Alfredo P. Marques - CEMAR" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000
Subject: The Other Dragon, etc....

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dragon dragon

princess-howl princess-howl

princess-howl and flag princess-howl and flag

ship ship

Dear all:

Though incurring in the risk of giving too much trouble for Peter with a new sending for the MapHist illustrations page -- and incurring in the risk of being slightly away from the purpose of this discussion list... (since these new images are not taken from any map or cartographic specimen of any kind... even Carthaginian... and they are instead taken from the walls of a Portuguese medieval castle...) -- I cannot resist the temptation of sending now also some images of the Dragon, the Princess-Howl and the Ship, which I found in August 2000 and are now being published in my book 'Inscrições Medievais no Castelo de Olivença" [Medieval Inscriptions in the Castle of Olivenza] launched last week (9.12.2000). With my apologies and hope that it can be considered interesting.

Again (and now really leaving for the holliday...) Happy Christmas.

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