From: "V+R Mayer" <>
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002
Subject: Query (Golfe de Mexique)

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The following are the descriptions of two maps for which I would like to know author, place of origin, year, atlas from which they were taken and any other relevant info.

"Author unknown. [Golfe de Mexique]. Page 105 in MS. Copper engraving with watercoloring. Loose sheet. 44.5 × 55.5 cm. Lowery 356."

"Author unknown. [Partié de la Terre de Mexique]. Insets: Nouveau Plan du Port et de la Ville D'Acapulco située dans la Nouvelle Espagne sur la Côte de la Mer du Zud; Plan de la Vera-Cruz Port du Mexique. Copper engraving with watercoloring. Loose sheet. 41 × 56.5 cm."

The northern one is numbered 356 by Lowery and described as being at the British Library. They look as if they were parts of a large wall map, but the dimensions are such that they would not join. When I bought the top one the dealer said it was by Petrus Schenk, I have no way of confirming this.

I hope that my fellow maphisters can help me out.


Roberto L. Mayer

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