From: "Alfredo P. Marques - CEMAR" <alfmarq.cemar@MAIL.TELEPAC.PT>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002
Subject: Re: [MapHist] Behaim globe

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> I am also interested with your mention to the iconography of libra connected with Portugese nobles. Could you give some URL or images of this heraldry? >

Yes. The best is to see the 15th century originals. Today I will send two images of Prince Peter's own tombstone of c.1449 (in the Portuguese monastery of Santa Maria da Vitoria, in Batalha), where we find the symbols of the British Garter, the cross and the 'Hony soit qui mal y pense' motto (for since 1425, when he was at London, he had been made a knight of the Garter), the coat-of-arms of Portugal superimposed to the Scales of Justice (his personal symbol, and symbol of the House of Coimbra which he inaugurated), and the coat-of-arms of his Catalonian wife Isabel de Urgel (the coat-of-arms of Portugal together with the coat-of-arms of Aragon).

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