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From: Phil Stover <>
Portolan Chart Reference List. (Updated 15 February 2001)

To the Reader:

The following document represents an informal effort on the author’s part to create a reference list for research on portolan charts. This was not done as part of any academic project. It was for my own enjoyment and benefit in my personal study of portolans. The list was developed from sources in my own library. As I bought or read an article or book, I added it to the list. If the article or book pointed me to further readings, I added them to the list. I am grateful to Waldo Tobler for his permission to integrate his list into mine. This list is intended as a beginning step in the creation of such a list. The author would be grateful for any corrections or additions to the list. This is certainly a work-in-progress.

Portolan charts represent a significant evolutionary phase in the historical development of cartography. It is the author’s hope that this list will provide researchers a "step in the right direction" in attaining knowledge of these beautiful and historically important charts.


A Reference List on Portolan Charts

Compiled by Philip R. Stover

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